Sometimes patients suffer with chronic Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). This leaves their eyes feeling gritty or appearing weepy, even without having contact lenses in! Dr. Gindi is an expert in diagnosing and treating Dry Eye Syndrome/Ocular Surface Disease. Our team of experts have success in treating dry eyes with in-office procedures, specialty eye drops, and even supplements depending on the main cause of symptoms. There is no need to disqualify yourself from wearing contact lenses based on how your eyes feel. Healing Eye Care has the expertise, experience, and access to the latest multifocal contacts on the market. Fitting presbyopia patients with lenses that are both comfortable and provide quality vision is a simple process. Dr. Gindi and her team have helped numerous patients cross over into multifocal contact lenses. Helping them to see up close as they age and feel comfortable while doing so. Even when many other eye doctors may not have been able to help them.

In addition to diagnosing and treating dry eyes, we offer cutting edge one-day disposable soft multifocal lenses with patents and technology specifically targeting patients who suffer with dryness. These lenses are the most breathable, hygienic, and offer the highest comfort to combat dryness that is common in the eyes as we age. If you’ve ever worn contacts before, you know how good it feels to put a fresh pair in your eyes. Imagine being able to do this every morning AND see everything clearly.