Ortho K Lenses in Clearwater, FL

At Healing Eye Care, we have over 75 years of combined experience in helping our clients
attain clear, sharp vision. Through the use of specially-designed contact lenses known as Ortho
K lenses, we can gently reshape your eyes in order to achieve corrected vision without the use
of laser surgery.


What Are Ortho K Lenses (Orthokeratology)?

Ortho K lenses, short for orthokeratology lenses, involve the use of specially-fitted corrective lenses designed to be worn overnight. Unlike regular contact lenses, these gas-permeable lenses gently reshape the curvature of your cornea in order to eventually correct your blurred vision. Once you remove the overnight lenses in the morning, you will be able to enjoy clear vision throughout the day without the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses. Additionally, Ortho K lenses are a great alternative to LASIK surgery and can be used for gradual vision improvement.

Who is a Good Ortho-K Candidate?

Ortho K lenses are ideal for anyone who suffers from;

● myopia in the form of nearsightedness
● astigmatism
● farsightedness
● and presbyopia.

If you wear contact lenses or glasses and are interested in LASIK surgery, but are not ready to
make the commitment, or feel that contact lenses inhibit your ability to enjoy day-to-day
activities or sports, wearing Ortho K lenses for vision correction might be a good option for you.
It is important to note that to be a suitable candidate for Ortho K lenses, you must have healthy
eyes and corneas that will respond to this treatment.


    Is Orthokeratology Safe?

    Due to the fact that Ortho K lenses involve no permanent procedure to change your natural vision. In fact, corneal refractive therapy is safe for adults, teens, and children of all ages. Additionally, Ortho K is a great alternative for kids who don’t want to wear glasses, as well as those who are just beginning to experience the onset of nearsightedness. These specialized lenses can even prevent further nearsightedness and other refractive errors throughout time. Also laser surgery isn’t suitable for children, so the gentle vision shaping system of Ortho K is a fantastic alternative that has no irreversible results.

    Unlike prescription glasses or traditional contact lenses, Ortho K corrective lenses are suitable for nighttime wear, although they can also be worn during the day and taken out at night if desired. Ultimately, Ortho K lenses eliminate the risk of your glasses being lost or getting damaged during day-to-day wear. This means they also work well for patients who are unable to wear daytime contact lenses due to allergies or eye sensitivity. At the end of the day, these
    lenses serve to eventually eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses and give you the sense of freedom that comes from being entirely unencumbered.

    Ortho-K Verses Eyeglasses

    and Contact Lenses


    Ready for Ortho K Lenses, Let’s Get Started?

    If you are ready to begin your journey toward vision correction, contact Healing Eye Care at
    (727)531-6956 or send an email to info@healingeyecare.com. We are also outfitted and experienced with complex cases, pediatric eye exams, as well as many other issues such as diabetes, glaucoma, dry eyes, and more.

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